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July 1, 2021 


The supplements market is bursting at the seams, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic and increased demand for immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. But oversight of the industry falls short. Our Insight article examines the problem and the need for trusted, evidence-based resources such as TRC Healthcare’s databases that are available to KnoWEwell members.

As part of the partnership between KnoWEwell and TRC Healthcare, all KnoWEwell members have the ability to search TRC Healthcare’s basic database of over 1,400 natural medicine descriptions, safety and effectiveness ratings, and interactions. Members with upgraded membership also receive access to TRC Healthcare’s extensive Natural MedicinesTM database and interactive tools, the most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements, herbal medicines, and complementary and integrative therapies. In addition, TRC Healthcare has developed a new program—RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines—to provide training on natural medicines to improve communication confidence and patient outcomes. This program will be available to KnoWEwell members for purchase this fall.

New! KnoWEwell Education Center

KnoWEwell has announced the addition of its new Education Center where members and non-members will be able to access its Regenerative Whole Health™ and Well-Being programs for individuals, parents, children, practitioners, and educators.  For Silver and Gold level members, most of the programs are available for free with the remainder offered at a discounted price.  These members also can create their own learning library to save their favorite programs.  For all other members and non-members, individual programs in the Education Center are available for purchase.

Equitable and Accessible to All Globally

Further, upon becoming a member of KnoWEwell, in order to make the Educational Courses more equitable and accessible to all globally, KnoWEwell members' course prices are adjusted based on the World Bank Data that classifies countries by income level. 


In July, KnoWEwell will kick off its programming with a must-see six-part educational series focusing on enhancing the immune system, live from India and other parts of the world. This dynamic program brings together global experts to explore a Regenerative Whole Health and Well-Being approach to building a healthy immune system. Dr. Tom O Bryan, Chief Health Officer of KnoWEwell; Ishi Khosla, clinical nutritionist and President of the Celiac Society of India; Dr. Madiha Saeed MD, Education Director of KnoWEwell; and other world authorities will dig deep into immune system health, covering therapies, nutrition, exercise and fitness, and the all-important management of stress and anxiety.

Also in July, our monthly Special Needs program will examine the all too often overlooked topic of “Parenting the Older Special Needs Child.” Together with Carmen Goldman, founder of the nonprofit Consciousness in Motion, all things related to the 18+ special needs child is on the table for discussion, including guardianship, government services, and more.  And this month’s Healthcare from Your Dentist’s Chair Whole Health program will look at cranial osteopathy and developmental difficulties.



Men's Health: Approaches to Treating an Enlarged Prostate

The noncancerous but troublesome condition known as BPH affects most men, and if left untreated can lead to serious health problems. Almost all men will experience enlargement of the prostate as they grow older. 

Sleep and Dementia Risk: Sleep Better for Brain Health

New research shows adequate sleep lowers the risk of dementia. More than one-third of the US population reports getting less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, leading to higher risk of chronic health conditions.


Planet and People Connection

Gratitude May Help Save the Planet's Shrinking Resources


Food, Nutrition, Diets and Supplements

Fruit and Vegetables Linked to Lower Mortality


Integrative Health and Medicine

Integrative Medicine Approaches to Migraine


Mental and Behavioral Health and Well-Being

Loneliness a Factor in Men's Cancer Risk

MIndset, Meaning, and Purpose

Spirituality Can Impact Cardiovascular Health

Community Building, and Transformation

Environmental Hazards to Children Expose Inequalities


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