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April 2022


Cory Singer

Actor, Award-Winning Singer, 

Songwriter, and TikTok Influencer

The Real Facts About Autism: 

An Autistic's Perspective

Cory Singer shares his personal journey with autism on TikTok and has inspired families and other adults living with autism through his captivating music and humor. His message is that autism is a spectrum of different people with different needs. He hopes to raise awareness and understanding so those needs can be accepted. In this discussion, he talks about living with the stereotypes of autism, gives tips for parents and educators, and shares some suggestions for movies that "got it right" about autism. 

Thursday, April 7th, 1pm ET

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Nourishing Hope for ADHD and Autism

Julie Matthews, CNC/E teaches parents that it's possible to improve their child's health, learning, and behavior through science-based diet and nutrition strategies. She joins Dr. Tom O'Bryan to discuss her BioIndividual Nutritional Approach and practice of customizing diet and nutrition strategies to the unique biochemical and underlying needs of the individual to help children with autism and ADHD live happy, healthy lives. 

Tuesday, April 12th, 1pm ET

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Julie Matthews, CNC/E

Researcher, Author, Speaker,

Founder, Nourishing Hope

Dr. Tom Bayne, DC

Dr. Tom Bayne, DC

Co-Founder and President

of Microbiome Labs

The Gut-Brain Connection

A growing body of evidence suggests that the health of the gut microbiome is closely linked to brain function and mental health. Research in this area shows that altering bacteria in the gut may help to treat mental and neurodevelopment disorders. Dr. Tom Bayne joins Patricia Madrigal, MD, MSc and founder of Clinica K'umara to discuss this important connection and natural ways to support a healthy gut and brain. 

Thursday, April 14th, 10am Costa Rica, 12pm ET

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Improving Autism Behaviors by Getting to the Root Cause of Neurological Dysfunction

Luminara Serdar, BS, CPN, NMT and Dr. Tom O'Bryan discuss the NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), a form of intention-based therapy, detox, and nutritional strategies for improving functioning in children diagnosed with autism. 

Tuesday, April, 19th, 1pm ET

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Luminara Serdar, BS, CPN, NMT

Autism Recovery Specialist

Nutritionist, Healer


Whittni Grubaugh, DIHom, CCH

Program and Clinical Director,

American Medical College of


Healing Through Homeopathy

Whittni Grubaugh, DIHom, CCH talks about the role of homeopathy in treating autism. In this program, you'll learn the common "symptoms" of autism that are often treated through homeopathy, the role homeopathy can play in easing the symptoms, and how to identify the appropriate homeopathic remedy. 

Thursday, April 21st, 1pm ET

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Healthcare From Your Dentist's Chair:

Better Face, Airway, Energy and Health:

Tracing The Dots To Your Mouth

Dr. Felix Liao, DDS joins Dr. Amy Dayries-Ling, DMD, FAIHM, AIAOMT to discuss how a structurally impaired mouth can also mean pain, can choke your airway, and affect your health. Learn how your health symptoms can be related to your mouth, how to identify and understand the root cause of your symptoms, and how to relaunch your vitality and bring out a better version of your face and mouth. A pre-publication pdf of Dr. Felix's upcoming book Your Kid's Best Face: How Parents Can Nurture Top Health & Attractive Look will be available for download during the presentation as a gift from Dr. Felix.

Monday, April 25th, 1pm ET

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Felix Liao, DDS

Founder, Holistic Mouth Solutions

Former President of the International

Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine


Susan Burdick

Founder, Restore For Life

Jane Lynn Britton

Founder, Navigate Autism

Impacting Autism Through Better Brain and Body Function

Jane Lynn Britton, co-host of "Let's Talk Special Needs" and founder of Navigate Autism, and Susan Burdick, founder of Restore for Life, discuss the intricate synergy between brain and body function and how to help move your child towards greater functioning and independence by regenerating whole-body health. Learn how Susan's light touch therapy reconnects and regenerates brain and body functioning that can improve health and abilities. And, explore how Jane Lynn's parenting strategies leverage those improved abilities to support enhanced learning, better social interaction, and the ability to enjoy a better quality of life.

Monday, April 26th, 1pm ET

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