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February 1, 2021 

I am deeply grateful and humbled by the unwavering love and dedication of our KnoWEwell team and our many volunteers, advisors, and investors who have helped make KnoWEwell a reality and a beacon for the future. Our ever-growing list of mission-aligned collaborative partners have come together to break down the silos of the past, sharing their approaches and therapies to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equal access to all. Together, we are working to help humanity and our planet heal.   

With gratitude, be well,

Kimberly Whittle

 CEO & Founder

KnoWEwell Insights

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others? - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Chasing COVID-19:

mRNA Vaccines' EUA

An in-depth look at the two mRNA vaccines that the world is hoping will stem the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thyroid Disease: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Functional medicine and naturopathic practitioners take a whole-person approach to treatment, seeking to find and address the root causes. 

Highlights From 2020

Tips on Mental Health Resilience from Medical Professionals

KnoWEwell Spotlights Its Nonprofit Partners on Giving Tuesday

The Upside of COVID-19 Lockdowns: A Cleaner Planet 

COVID-19 Confusion over Mother-Baby Separation Threatens Breastfeeding

Pallister Killian Syndrome: A Rare Genetic Disorder That Is Life-Altering for Families

Integrative Health and Medicine: Healthcare from Your Dentist's Chair


New Monthly Webinar Series


Healthcare from Your Dentist's Chair with host Amy Dayries-Ling, DMD, FAIHM, AIAOMT

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Thank You to Our Collaborative Partners

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We at KnoWEwell invite you to join our global healing community. Rooted and united through love and service to humanity and our planet, wherever you are on your journey through life, we provide peace of mind, making it easier. Know you are not alone.  See our Collaborative Partners Profiles to learn more and select your free code to join the KnoWEwell community.